Zoning Information

Zoning – Every parcel of land or subdivision lot is located within a zoning district.  To find how a property is zone, one must view the Wasatch County Zoning Map below.

Zoning Enforcement – Zoning enforcement works with citizens to resolve issues which impact Wasatch County’s quality of life, including complaints concerning violation of zoning ordinance.  Zoning enforcement operates on a complaint-driven basis, which means that we must partner with neighbors and other concern groups to resolve code violations.  Our goal is to help neighbors resolve problems while dealing with these violations.

Interactive Zoning Map

To see the zoning in the interactive map, select the check box on the left of the map in the map contents or download a pdf file using the link on the right side of this page.

Title 16 - Land Use and Development Code

Preservation (P-160)

To establish areas where development may be limited due to the remoteness of services, topography, and other sensitive environmental issues.

Agricultural (A-20)

Established to provide areas in which agricultural pursuits can be encouraged and supported

Residential - Agricultural (RA-5)

To maintain the rural atmosphere and high quality of life by establishing a residential area that is mixed with agricultural uses.

Residential - Agricultural (RA-1)

Allows residential development near the incorporated areas, while maintaining the rural atmosphere.

Mountain (M)

For development in mountainous areas of the County that may or may not have services readily available.   Development should be in harmony with mountain settings and adverse impacts shall be mitigated.

Commercial (C)

To recognize and provide areas for the accommodation of commercial uses.

Highway Services (HS)

To allow limited commercial services for travelers along highways in remote areas.

Office and Business Park (OBP)

To establish areas that allow for the development of office complexes, research facilities, businesses, assembly areas, and applicable accessory uses.

Industrial (I)

To provide an area for the processing, assembling, manufacturing, warehousing, and storage of materials products and goods.

Public Facilities (PF)

To provide areas for the placement of public facilities that are compatible with the adjoining uses and surroundings.

Complete County Code

This link will take you to the complete county code, go to Title 16, Land Use and Development to see code.

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