Property Tax Services


The Assessor's Office is in responsible for the valuation of physical property as well as personal property for businesses.  Greenbelt classification also resides in this department.  They also work alongside the Clerk/Auditor's office to perform Board of Equalization.  The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles also resides in theis office for registration and vehicle title work.


TheClerk/Auditor is repsonsible for verifying the tax rates for the many different entities and sending out Disclosure Notices to inform tax payers of any rate changes.  They are responsible for Board of Equalization and Abatements.  The Clerk/Auditor is also responsible for Tax Sale Properties.  The County budget is also managed by the Clerk/Auditor.  The Clerk/Auditor is also responsible for a few other none tax items such as marriage licenses, business licenses, passports, and voting.


The Recorder’s Office records documents pertaining to real estate property and maintains cross-reference indexes to these records. The Recorder’s Office also maintains a set of maps which show the current ownership of every tract of land in the entire county. The records are open for public inspection and copies of documents may be purchased at this office. The main function of the office is to keep the real property (land) records for Wasatch County and provide the county assessor and treasurer’s office with information necessary for assessment and taxation.


The Surveyor's office is responsible for setting all section corners, and making sure all developments are surveyed correctly.  Files all surveys.


The Treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes and sending out Tax Notices.  Payoff information and Pre-payments are available in the Treasurer's Office.

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