Mapping Services

Mapping services are a collection of map layers and aerial images combined together into a web application.  These application have tools and custom tasks designed to help you make a map, locate a parcel, see the flood planes or find out where to vote.

The Base Map - Parcel Map

This map service will help with locating roads, addresses, parcels, view aerial images and print a map. The map only has the basic layers like roads, parcels, sections, streams, contours, flood hazards, zoning and aerial imagery. This service is intended to meet most mapping needs.

Notes: After searching, the results will show up on the left, right click with the mouse on the results to zoom or pan to results.  If a layer is grayed out, zoom in to activate it.  When using Internet Explorer, turn compatibility view on, Firefox seems to work best.

The Land Survey Locator Map

This map service will help with locating record of surveys.  The intent of this service is to help surveyors find the filing number for a survey and download the filed survey plat in a PDF file.  By zooming in on the map, the filing numbers will appear.  By clicking on one of the surveys, an information box will popup with some information about the surveys in that area.  By selecting Download in the popup box, a pdf file will be down loaded.  If you need help finding a specific survey, use record of survey lookup application to search through all the surveys.  Try this Searchable Map if you are not able to locate the survey on the above map. This map has searching to help you find locations by address or parcel number.

Our Voter Map or The State of Utah Polling Location Finder

We recommend that you use the Voter Map to locate where you should vote and what district you are in.  The State of Utah's site can be used for the same purpose along with sample ballots, and checking your voter registration information.

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